Build a European Applied AI ecosystem 

To invest, develop and actively participate in the development of the AI industry, the promotion and cooperation between European members is now a priority.

Our Mission

In the objective to foster and accelerate AI in Europe, FCAI (Finland) is one of the founding member of an alliance including DTI (Denmark), Hub France IA (France), SINTEF and OpenAILab (Norway), AppliedAI TUM and Fortiss (Germany), with a cooperation agreement signed in München on November, 29th 2018 with the intention to create the “European Applied AI” hub (namely “European Applied AI” or “the alliance”).

 They all play an active role in their national AI strategy, share interest and intention to build a strong European AI ecosystem. All focus on the application of AI and the innovation ecosystem around it. All believe in a European impact through variety, resilience, diversity, and robustness of AI solutions.The Founding Members believe that to invest, develop and actively participate in the development of the AI industry, the promotion and cooperation between European members is now a priority. 

The mission of the Alliance is to build a European Applied AI ecosystem and support the creation of new European AI champions globally

Our Roadmap

  • Organizing and sharing regularly knowledge, presentation and joint knowledge agenda
  • Mobilizing, sharing information or joint application to EU or countries calls
  • Organizing 1-2 joint events per year and participating to key AI events, gathering the best of European and international AI ecosystem at scale, being Talents, Researchers, Investors, Large companies and Entrepreneurs 
  • Identifying national champions and connecting them with other champions and potential partners, investors, with the objective to build up, scale up global leaders within specific industries such as Healthcare, Mobility, Environment and Industry
  • Sharing market opportunities and access to accelerate champions development
  • Support the creation of an investment fund and developing a deal flow to identify, create and accelerate these champions

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